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            fire brick production line
            • Full-auto Refractory Brick  Line

              Full-auto Refractory Brick Line

              auto production line for fire bricks
            • Auto weighing and feeding system

              Auto weighing and feeding system

              This automatic weighting and feeding system is capable of recording the unit weight of different bricks and create the journal sheet for daily,monthly and annual production out-put report.This facility will provide the enterprise the detailed data.
            • Jaw crusher

              Jaw crusher

              The jaw crusher?consists of two jaws which usually called as moving jaw and Static jaw to forming a crushing chamber,this kind of jaw crusher?were Widely used in mining smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy
            • Double roller crusher machine

              Double roller crusher machine

              Double roller crusher?are typically used for medium,high hardness of the material,such as metallurgy,building,refractory material and other industrial using.The series of roller crusher?mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression.
            • Inclined Pan Type Mixer

              Inclined Pan Type Mixer

              Few quick wear-parts, small size, short maintenance time.All kinds of materials can be processed quickly, high efficient and precisely.Has precisely weighing and control system.
            • HXQ-1000 Mixing System

              HXQ-1000 Mixing System

              Consists 1 pair of adjustable lifing grinding wheels,1 pair of ourter scrapers,1 stirring horozontal rotator,1 stereo high speed rotator and 1 inner scraper.The whole process is no dead angle,achieves the best strirring effect.
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